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Triumph Spitfire mk4 Front Spoiler

Triumph Spitfire mk4 Front Spoiler


Interested in the Triumph Spitfire mk4 Front Spoiler? Call us now on 07565 109 108 to speak with our friendly advisors and arrange a purchase.


    Application:    This Spoiler is a direct replacement panel for the original.  


    Durability:    This Spoiler is suitable for road use or racing.  An additional layer of matting is applied on areas for the attachment points or where holes need to be drilled.


    Bolt Holes:    We don’t pre-drill any bolt holes, it is far better to line the panel up and drill the holes where needed, also any holes in the panel make it more fragile and susceptible to damage in transit.  Bolt holes are marked in the panel which can be used as a guide. Tip: drill elongated holes to give room for adjustment when fitting.


    Fitting:    Mark and drill the holes each side and attach to the corner valances.

    Paint Prep:    This valance is supplied in a black gel coat finish so can be fitted directly without the need for painting but if you wish to it can be painted using cellulose paint.

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