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MGC Bonnet Outer Shell, without internal panel, Lightweight

MGC Bonnet Outer Shell, without internal panel, Lightweight


Interested in the MGC Bonnet Outer Shell? Call us now on 07565 109 108 to speak with our friendly advisors and arrange a purchase.


    Application:    This Bonnet will fit all MGB and MGC models, this is specifically made for racing or track days etc to save weight on the car.


    Captive Nuts:    There is no internal panel, so it does not have captive nuts.


    Durability:    This panel is manufactured for racing or track days only, it has one full layer of matting with additional bracing strips of matting applied on the inside.


    Weight:    The rule of thumb is lightweight panels save approximately one third in weight against the road use version, Outer Shells save a further half, this panel weighs approx 5 kgs.


    Bolt Holes:    There is no internal to take bolt holes in this panel.


    Fitting:        Pins will need to be used to attach this Bonnet.

    Paint Prep:    Firstly, sand the panel down roughly, then apply primer/filler – a rough sand down will ensure the primer/filler keys well.  Sand down again to a smooth finish and finally apply top coat, either Cellulose or Two Pack can be used.

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