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MGB Sebring Std Arch Set, set of 4

MGB Sebring Std Arch Set, set of 4


Interested in the MGB Sebring Std Arch Kit? Call us now on 07565 109 108 to speak with our friendly advisors and arrange a purchase.


    Application:    These Arches have been designed to be attached to the existing steel bodywork to achieve the Sebring look.  With these Arches there is no need to change your existing standard valance to the ‘wide’ or ‘kit’ style, or if you wish we can supply you with a Valance to suit in either the Sebring or Anti-Lift styles.


    Durability:    These Arches are suitable for road use or racing.  An additional layer of matting is applied on areas for the attachment points or where holes need to be drilled.


    Fitting:    There are two options for fitting, the arches can be pop riveted on at approx an inch apart, and then blended in with body filler - we suggest Plastic Padding (elastic type) as this is a more flexible filler.  Alternatively, they can be bonded on using a silicone based adhesive, available at your local Motor Factors, then blended in as suggested above.

    Paint Prep:    Firstly, sand the panel down roughly, then apply primer/filler – a rough sand down will ensure the primer/filler keys well.  Sand down again to a smooth finish and finally apply top coat, either Cellulose or Two Pack can be used.

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